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We Have Moved To New Location in Lebanon

We have had a great office location for the last seven years, but it was time for us to move. We now have a location that is more easily accessible for our customers and provides additional space needed to accomodate our growing business.
On September 24th we moved to our new location at 3 High St. in Lebanon NH. It is at "The Old Yankee Store" building. Soon we will have our new sign on new office also.

Our Location

We invite you to visit us at our new office and look forward to seeing you all at our new location.

Windows 8 Arrived (October 26th)

Windows 8 is available on all windows computers sold since October 26th of 2012. In our opinion, Windows 8 may benefit tablet and touch-screen users because of its larger icons. Windows 8 is not as user-friendly for PC and laptop users and comes with a steep learning curve that could require hours of trial and error to master.

If Windows 8 is not for you, we suggest that, in lieu of upgrading, you treat your computer to a clean-up service that will streamline its processes and allow it to function at optimum speed and efficiency. When you bring your computer in for a cleaning, we will:

  • Delete malicious software
  • Defragment your computer's hard drive
  • Clean your registry (where unnecessary bits of information are stored every time you install a program or change a setting)
  • Make sure your computer has enough memory
  • Ensure that the settings for use of available memory are enabled
  • Disable unused toolbars
  • Update programs and ensure that they are running smoothly
  • Clean inside the computer to eliminate harmful dust buildup
Whether you're puzzling over a potential upgrade or have decided it's simply time to super charge your trusted laptop or computer, we hope you'll contact us for advice. We can help you make the right decisions for your computer.
Keyword Research Tips

Keyword research is an important element in creating a strong Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign for your website. The keywords you use to optimize your website for internet search engines will determine the type of visitors that are attracted to your site. To ensure your success, we have created a list of helpful keyword research tips that will help you create an optimized website that attracts the traffic you want.

Follow this link to find Keyword Research Tips that will help you optimize your website and attract new clients.

Links to our websites

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 Custom IDX Solutions (NNEREN) for Realty Brokers and/or Agents: Custom IDX Solutions
 Affordable POS Solution For Restaurants, Fine Dining, and Bars: Affordable POS Solution
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