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IT Newsletters Spring 2010


Annual Computer Tune-Up for Individuals - Service Package

We car owners take our car(s) for service multiple times a year. Our car is a very important part of everyday life, and for many people, computers are getting to be just as important. We want to keep up with computer maintenance so we have a smooth running computer.

When you bring your computer in to be repaired, it can be costly. We are introducing a "Computer Service Package". This package is for individuals. With this package, we will clean the machine for Virus, Spyware, Trojans, and other unwanted items on your machine and install a protection program that works. Normally this would start at $200.00. You pay only $150.00 with this package.

Contact us if you would like us to update your virus protection or clean-up any existing virus or problems with your PC or Mac.

About Windows 7

Windows 7, released on October 22, 2009, is Microsoft's newest operating system. Windows 7 builds on many of the changes from Windows Vista making them better and in many cases more intuitive while adding some handy new features of its own. Overall the new Operating System is faster, more compatible and less intrusive than its predecessor.

Can you upgrade? In order to run Windows 7 Microsoft recommends a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM with a good 3D capable video card. It is very important that your computer meet, and preferably, exceed these specifications in order to have a good experience with this new operating system. In addition to meeting these specifications your system also needs to have hardware that supports Windows 7. Anyone considering upgrading should download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor from Microsoft's website and contact the computer manufacturer to verify drivers are available. If in doubt, don't shell out the money for the upgrade. You will likely lose a lot of time and pay for a product you can't use.

In our next newsletter, we will answer the following three questions:
  What advantages will you get with Windows 7?
  Should I upgrade from XP to Windows 7?
  Should I upgrade from Vista to Windows 7?

If you have any questions regarding upgrading your computer to Windows 7 please Contact us

8 Things Killed By The Internet

  8. Encyclopedia Salesmen
  7. Newspapers: You don't have to pull your ebook reader out of the bushes, and it doesn't get ink on your hands.
  6. Bulletin Boards: For sale - one cork bulletin board, gently used.
  5. Video Rental: Who's smirking about late fees now?
  4. Faxing: It's dead, but you can simulate curled paper by holding printer paper over a steaming pot.
  3. Yellow Pages: Let your fingers do the walking... to your keyboard.
  2. Checks: Hardly a loss, since no one can write longhand anyway.
  1. Stamps: Jelly Belly's stamp-glue flavor actually originated from the postal system.

The 4 Steps of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What business owner doesn't want to see his or her website at the top of Search Engines, including Google? We know that if we make it to the top, we can exponentially increase traffic and inquiries from prospective clients. In fact, many businesses that are lucky or skilled enough to be at the top of Search Engines can barely handle all the business that Search Engines are sending them.

So, the question is, how do you get there? How do you climb all the way to the top?

There is so much information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) out there that it's hard to focus and not feel overwhelmed. The goal is to demystify SEO for you. We want to make the core of SEO crystal clear for you in easy-to-understand terms, so you're no longer confused about SEO and you have a roadmap forward. Below are the four most important steps:

    Part 1: Keyword Research
    Part 2: On-Site Optimization
    Part 3: Content Creation
    Part 4: Link Building
We hope you now have a much better idea of what SEO is and what it involves. We also hope you realize this is just SEO 101, and that there's a lot more to SEO than this. We are here to help with all four steps. Just contact us to find out more information.

Web Site Link Tactics

We have formed a new web company, Web Site Link Tactics, LLC for search engine promotion of your web site.
You can get keyword-based text links to your website helping to boost it up in search position over your competitors. Web linking is another form of web site promotion that is available and can be performed for any web site whether we design it or not. Please visit and contact us for more information.

A New Look for your Web Site - Special

Time for a new look to your web site? Keeping your web site up-to-date with new images and text is crucial in today's world. You can either update your existing site or re-design your site with an entirely new look. You may contact us to discuss the best solution. Act now and receive a 20% discount off the design rate - offer good until May 31, 2010.

Links to our other websites:

 • Free Classified Advertising & $25/month Rental Advertising: NHVT Classified
 • Custom IDX Solutions (NNEREN) for Realty Brokers and/or Agents: Custom IDX Solutions
 • Affordable POS Solution For Restaurants, Fine Dining, and Bars: Affordable POS Solution

Need Professional Video for your web site?

Consider how adding video to your website can help your business. Video adds interest and creates depth and variety of content both of which attracts search engines and people. Consider Video from the Upper Valley Video Library to promote both your business and the Upper Valley. Visit Upper Valley Videos to learn more. You may call them at 802-457-9799 or email. When you contact them, please mention that you found them on our Newsletter, and we will work directly with them to provide us with a video for your web site.

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Referral Discount for Our Web Hosting Customers:
Refer someone to NHVT Computer Services, Corp. for Web Site Design and/or Hosting, and with every successful referral, you will receive an additional 10% discount on your annual web hosting service bill.

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