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IT Newsletters Spring 2012


SCORE WORKSHOPS - Internet Marketing

We happy to announce another series of Internet Marketing workshops to be presented starting next month at the Upper Valley SCORE office located in Lebanon, NH. This is fifth time we been asked by local SCORE representatives to contact those workshops and the feedback is overwarming. We are proud to be involved with the local chapter of SCORE and we are working closely with other area SCORE chapters to enable us to present those workshops on other locations in NH and VT. Be aware, there is a limited number of a seat for participants, so register quickly if you would like to attend.

     • An Introduction to Internet Marketing
    When: Thu Apr 5, 2012 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm EDT
    Where: Citizens Bank Building, Room 316, Lebanon, NH 03766
    This workshop will take you through the process and steps of creating a successful website and the associated internet marketing for your business. This is basic information you will need to be successful. It covers: Research, Planning, Design, Content Creation, Going Live, Getting Visitors, Maintenance and Content Creation Planning. (More Info)

     • Marketing Through Internet Search Engines
    When: Thu Apr 12, 2012 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Where: Citizens Bank Building, Room 316, Lebanon, NH 03766
    This workshop covers what you need to know to be able to get your website and your products discovered by potential customers who are using search engines. The program will begin by outlining the steps you need to take for your website to be found by search engines. Then it covers many of the steps which should be taken on your site for search engine optimization (SEO). Next, we introduce you to activities that can be done off site that help to expand your exposure. We will cover online advertising, linking from other websites, and Pay per Click (PPC). We will also cover concepts related to article marketing and e-mail marketing. (More Info)

     • Marketing Through Social Media
    When: Thu Apr 19, 2012 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
    Where: Citizens Bank Building, Room 316, Lebanon, NH 03766
    Engaging with prospects and clients through social media such as Facebook requires a completely different mindset from conventional marketing. This workshop covers what you need to know. There are blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and a host of other social media sites are out there on the web. This workshop explains how they work, how they differ from "normal" advertising, and how you can use them to promote your business. Intelligent use of these tools can help you identify potential customers and have them find you, develop meaningful relationships with others in your industry, and position yourself as a trusted professional. (More Info)

Windows 8 Release Candidate to Arrive in May

Could Microsoft unveil the Windows 8 Release Candidate as soon as early June? At least one report says yes.

Blogging site seems certain of that, spilling the beans over the weekend that "we know the Release Candidate of Windows 8 will be shared with the public between the end of May to the beginning of June." Apparently receiving the intel from an unnamed source, the site notes that the RC will sport at least a few changes from the current beta.

Modifications are in store for the Charms bar, the desktop version of Internet Explorer 10, and the language input menu. The current Customer Experience Improvement Program will also be disabled by default, says

A Release Candidate follows a beta and is the last stage before a product's final version. Companies typically incorporate feedback about the beta into the RC, often resulting in a hefty number of changes. But the RC is supposed to be fairly nailed down, meaning few if any major changes before the final edition debuts.

Windows 8 FAQ

What is Microsoft releasing today?
Starting today, you can download the Consumer Preview beta version of Windows 8 (as well as the beta of Windows Server 8 and the beta of Visual Studio 11). The Consumer Preview version is free and available to the general public to try out.

Where can I download the beta?
Right here from Microsoft:
And here from CNET's full first take on Windows 8 beta

Does that include the ARM version?
No, here's no ARM-based beta you can download today. Microsoft has said it will make preloaded Windows/ARM devices available to developers soon.

Windows 8 FAQ Complete list.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Let's kick off with keyboard shortcuts - the first thing every power user must memorize with working with a new operating system. In Windows 7, we’ve uncovered several new sets of essential time-saving shortcuts that will make your mouse jealous with neglect.
Alt + P
In Windows Explorer, activate an additional file preview pane to the right side of the window with this new shortcut. This panel is great for previewing images in your photos directory.

Windows + + (plus key)
Windows + - (minus key)
Pressing the Windows and plus or minus keys activates the Magnifier, which lets you zoom in on the entire desktop or open a rectangular magnifying lens to zoom in and out of parts of your screen. You can customize the Magnifier options to follow your mouse pointer or keyboard cursor. Keep in mind that so far, the Magnifier only works when Aero desktop is enabled.

Windows + Up
Windows + Down
If a window is not maximized, pressing Windows + Up will fill it to your screen. Windows + Down will minimize that active window. Unfortunately, pressing Windows + Up again while a window is minimized won’t return it to its former state.

Windows + Shift + Up
Similar to the shortcut above, hitting these three keys while a window is active will stretch it vertically to the maximum desktop height. The width of the window will however stay the same. Pressing Windows + Down will restore it to its previous size.

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Complete list.

Search Engine Success using Linking/Backlinking - Website Link Tactics

You want lasting results when you build links to your website. It does not make sense to invest your time in search engine optimization methods that are just a flash-in-the-pan.
How do you judge the quality of a website? What is a good website and from which web pages should you get links?

1. The PageRank of a website is not that important
Many webmasters only want to get backlinks from pages with a particular PageRank. While you can use this method, it is usually a waste of time and it makes link building more difficult than it really is.
If a website has an overall high quality then it does not matter if the page with the link to your website has a low Google PageRank.
If only pages with a high PageRank had a chance, it wouldn’t be possible to get new pages in Google’s result page. Experience shows that new pages appear in Google’s results every day.
In addition, the PageRank that Google publicly displays is not the actual PageRank that Google uses in its algorithm and the PageRank value can be manipulated.

2. Common sense leads to lasting results
You do not need special metrics to judge the quality of a web page. When you find a web page that could link to your site, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the linking page look good to the average web surfer?
  • Does the page have interesting content?
  • Is the content somewhat related to my website?
  • Does it make sense if the web page links to your site?
If you can answer all questions with "yes" then you should try to get a backlink from that page. It doesn’t matter if that page has a low PageRank.

3. Give Google what they want and your website will succeed
Google tries to imitate common sense with its algorithm. If you use common sense to build your links and follow the tips above, you make sure that the backlinks to your website will count in all future updates of Google’s algorithm.

Visit for more information or contact us to discuss the best solution on link building strategy for your website. Website Link Tactics help you to build links with a common sense approach. If you build links with Website Link Tactics, you will get lasting results and you make sure that your backlinks won't be flagged by Google's future algorithm updates.

Annual Computer Tune-Up for Individuals - Service Package

We car owners take our car(s) for service multiple times a year. Our car is a very important part of everyday life, and for many people, computers are getting to be just as important. We NEED to keep up with computer maintenance.

Just to help, we will perform all the following for a special rate of $125.00 (normally $195.00)

  • Installation of approved anti-virus software.
  • We'll sweep and clean your PC or laptop for the Virus, Spyware, Trojans, and other unwanted software that's slowing you down.
  • Note: Bring along bootable rescue and recovery CDs and power cord for laptops.
Just mention our Spring 2012 Newsletter.

Contact us if you would like us to update your virus protection or clean-up any existing virus or problems with your PC or Mac.

Offer Expires on May 1st
A New Look for your Web Site - Special

Time for a new look to your web site? Keeping your web site up-to-date with new images and text is crucial in today's world. You can either update your existing site or re-design your site with an entirely new look. You may contact us to discuss the best solution. Act now and receive a 10% discount off the design rate - offer good until May 31, 2012.

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